Everyday life

By attention to detail, by choosing a myriad of tiny shapes, I am telling about simple things, about the space we should give them, about the dignity of everyday life.  I tell of grace and flimsiness, of fatigue and obligation.  And as a woman I tell about women – for me, the women of the "South", those who take the burden and struggle to carry it, yet are always ready to move forward.  That is why my women are either firmly planted or moving, channeling life and giving birth to it thousands of times.  They are not free, but they are strong.  They are also fragile and delicate and colorful.  The women fill the space around them with objects that are symbols of welcome and reception – teapots, small shoes, small houses, cups and bottles.

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  • A SHOE
  • A broken finger
  • A possibility
  • A_couple
  • A_street
  • A_street_in_Ruvo
  • Alliance_with_nature
  • Animals_are_part_of_our_life
  • Curare_la_pazzia_con_Shakespeare_al_manicomio
  • Family_life
  • Il gatto
  • Male_totem
  • Mandala
  • Music_is_a_universal_language
  • Responsibility
  • The_woman's_house
  • The_woman_behind
  • The_woman_who_walks_along_the_way
  • Too_much_information
  • Viaggiando in Puglia
  • Walking_towards
  • Women's_diseases
  • Women_circus_1
  • Women_circus_2