Medical meetings

As a physician, I try to give shape and meaning to the injuries and pains of women and men, to empathize with them as a fellow human being, and to care for them as a doctor, but I also look at them with a clinical gaze that takes pleasure in the delineation of the anatomical parts of the human body and the study of its mechanisms. The sick people I draw cope with their illness in different ways. Some accompany it, some are accompanied by it, some fight it, and yet others blame those around them for their misfortune.
I am part of a community of doctors who have their own conferences, language, journals, formal and informal exchanges and meetings. In conferences, as I listen to lectures telling me about the latest scientific discoveries and as I observe my colleagues interacting, I draw. I am an insider, but also an observer of this world. I like my colleagues, some good old friends and some new ones, such as the young neurologist in the neonatal clinic, who are devoted to their work and care deeply about their patients. But I also worry. Physicians exchange too much information through the web, they often do not know the colleagues they consult, and they sometimes hardly know their patients. I worry that soon we may forget to read the body language of the sick and the deeply personal signs they send us. We must nurture our social life and affirm our continuity with the rest of the living world. For me, the connection between science, medicine and art is an assertion of this hope.

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