We are part of the living world, the world of animals and plants, and our continuity, our position in the great web of life, is part of my fascination with evolutionary biology and with the scientists who have studied it.  Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Barbara McClintock are not just names for me, but fellow humans whose lives and work I want to understand: the twenty three year-old Darwin on his Galapagos trip among the blue-footed boobies and the great tortoises; the older Darwin, obsessed by his great theory, relentlessly exercising his mind; Gregor Mendel, abbot of the Brno monastery, discoverer of the laws of heredity with his peas and fuchsias, and the cloud of depression in his kind heart, and Babara McClintock whose feelings for and of the organism led her to the discovery of the dances of the genes in corn plants. They all studied the living world and opened it up for us. 

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